Customized Drafts. For Reals.

No one else offers the flexibility and control available at CustomizedDrafts. It's not even close.

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Dominate Home Leagues

Precisely define your league (including keepers and trades) and then run unlimited simulations against it.

You can even create AI profiles for your league-mates and use those in your mock drafts. This provides unprecedented accuracy when preparing for your home league drafts.

What It Is is an easy, mobile-friendly, FREE fantasy football drafting platform.

What sets it apart is that you can fully configure it to match your own league setups, and then you can use those configurations to launch unlimited mock drafting as well as host your league's real draft.


CustomizedDrafts respects the individual and rejects the notion of a one-size-fits-all approach to drafting. We also keep your information completely private and do not share it with anyone.

Additionally, you'll NEVER be abused with advertising. Now that is refreshing, isn't it?

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