CustomizedDrafts Features

Fully Customizable By You
Number of teams, roster size, scoring systems, straight/serpentine/third round reversals, custom position requirements, traded picks, franchise players, and much more.
Mobile Friendly
Whether on an iPhone, Android, PC, or Mac, you can draft like crazy. All you need is a web browser - no Flash, Java, .exe file, or mobile app is required.
Mock Draft Your Home League Like Crazy
Once you set up your structure, you can rubber stamp it and create as many draft rooms as you like.
Set Custom A.I. Profiles for Opponents
You can set up psychological profiles for any of your league mates in order to more accurately mock draft your home league.
Custom Draft Clock
You can define your draft clock, ranging from 30 seconds to infinity - you can even have a draft with no time limit.
Host Private or Public Drafts
Send invitations to friends to join a private draft room, or simply make a public draft room and let anyone jump in. You decide.
Host Your League's Real Draft
Tired of being handcuffed to a corporate cookie cutter draft room, where you have to compromise on a number of details? Or where you can't set the pace to your liking, or support existing trades, keepers, etc.? On CustomizedDrafts, all of this is under your control.
Hot Seat
Have you ever been at a real life draft party and everyone there had their own devices to draft with? Of course not! At CustomizedDrafts, you can set up multiple people to be able to share the same device.
Run Mid-Season Weekly Drafts
You can use CustomizedDrafts to run weekly live drafts throughout the regular season. This is perfect for those of you who have weekly redraft leagues. Never been in a league like that? Try it out, it's awesome!
Trades Are Supported
You can trade players and future draft picks at any time during a live draft. You can also define trades for your home league in the offseason and then every league draft room you create will have the trades baked in.
Rate Your Drafts
When you do dozens or even 100's of mock drafts, you need to be able to make sense of the pile of results. You can access and personally rate any drafts you participated in and also add draft-specific notes for handy future reference.
Robust Rankings Controls
As you spend the offseason mock drafting, you can tweak your personal rankings lists and then these lists can be loaded into any draft room that you participate in.
My Notes Manager
Throughout the offseason, you can also keep private notes on any player or team and then those notes are available in any draft room that you participate in.
Draft Plans for Missing League-mates
In the unfortunate scenario where any of your league mates cannot attend the live draft, they can spend the preseason crafting a very detailed draft plan to draft in their place.
Save Your History
All of your drafts are saved for your reference forever. You and your leaguemates can view past season's drafts anytime you wish.
Export Your Results
Any of your completed drafts can be easily exported.
Total Privacy and Respect
None of your personal information will EVER be shared. We don't track your browsing history or try to do anything sneaky. We'll never have advertising on the website nor send you any marketing offers.
Best of all, IT'S FREE!
All of these features are FREE. Some deeper features are only available to subscribing members of CustomizedDrafts, but even those can be taken for an generous test drive by you. Check it out and have fun - everything is available to use. Join now, it's easy!